Wednesday, May 28, 2008

you know your pregnant when...

- you just finished breakfast and you're already hungry for lunch

- you just finished lunch and you're already hungry for dinner

- there aren't enough snack breaks in your day

- you are thinking about food more than your husband (sorry, honey- i still love you more than food)

i'm hungry!

Monday, May 26, 2008


what a busy couple of weeks it has been! last weekend we travelled to pittsburgh for jacob's family birthday party, and also to celebrate jesse's baby sister's graduation from vet tech school. we had a great time with family, and jacob was blessed with the presence of 3 great-grandparents and 5 grandparents (who all shared him very nicely). :)


jacob's new dinosaur ride-on. nice wheels!

jacob in the sea of presents

one busy weekend followed by another... this weekend was moving day. the Lord blessed us with great weather and lots of helping hands on saturday. we are all moved in ('cept for a few straggling boxes at the apartment) and are quickly getting settled. it's been hard for me to keep jesse in the house- between washing the car, cutting firewood, and training jackson to stay in the yard- they are both releasing years of cabin(apartment) fever. i feel like i have been unpacking all alone. no, really jesse has done a lot inside too. :) we are both realizing how difficult it is to have a toddler around when we both have so much that we want to get done. it's slow going, but it's coming along.

my new kitchen- pardon the mess and boxes. unpacking is tough.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

cake boy

some cute pictures from last night. jacob LOVED his cake!

Monday, May 12, 2008

happy birthday jacob!

what?! i'm one?!

today he turns 1 year old. so crazy how time just flies by. it is hard to believe that last year at this time we were probably changing his first dirty diaper, trying to get him to nurse, and getting ready to pass out from our long exhausting night of labor and delivery! but what an awesome day it was to welcome our first child into the world!
tonight we will have a small celebration with some good friends, and enjoy cake and ice cream. we'll be having a party this coming saturday in pittsburgh with family and friends. jacob can't wait to show off his new walking skills to all his grandparents! (he told me so himself).

this weekend was an eventful weekend. on saturday we celebrated mother's day, since sunday was supposed to be a rainy mess, and jesse took me to my favorite deli for lunch, McAllister's. we spent the afternoon running errands, shopping for area rugs (unsuccessful), shopping for jacob's birthday present (successful!), and ordering jacob's birthday cake for this saturday. it was a beautiful spring day. we took jackson for a much needed walk to the park, where we strategically avoided getting caught in the background of someone's wedding photos- there was a wedding getting ready to start at the park, and the groomsmen were getting their pictures taken throughout the grounds.

sunday was a very special day for us. our church had a special dedication service or parents who wanted to prayerfully dedicate their children to the Lord. jacob spitup all over his shirt during the final prayer, so when it was over, jesse and i hurried off stage to get a clean shirt on him. the clean shirt which he spitup on about 10 minutes later. love you, jacob!!! i thought it was really neat to be standing next to jacob's pediatrician and his wife (to the right of us in the picture) as they dedicated their 5th child, noah. it is comforting to know that jacob's dr is not only an experienced parent, but also a fellow believer.

these next 2 weeks will be extremely busy for us as we travel to pittsburgh for 4 days and pack up our apartment in preparation for the big moving day, saturday the 24th.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ear infection and heartbeat

well, sad news is that jacob is sick again with another ear infection and cold. his ear infection is not raging, so the dr was not anxious to get him on an antibiotic just yet. we are keeping an eye on his symptoms and making sure he gets a lot of rest and a lot of liquids. he is a trooper though, still playing hard as ever- like nothing is wrong. he is a bit more clingy and fussier than normal, but i will enjoy the clingy snuggling while it lasts. :)

on a much brighter note- i got to hear the baby's heartbeat this morning! i am 15 weeks along, have only gained 4 pounds (much to my surprise), and the dr said everything is looking good! no belly pics yet, although i am starting to get a bit of a bump.

we've been busy packing and painting. for those of you who havent heard, we are going to be renting a farm house just 1 mile away from work! it sits on 54 acres with a barn and a creek. we are THRILLED to finally get out of our apartment! packing has never brought us such joy! 5 years of apartment dwelling will soon be over. we sign our lease next week and will be moving on memorial day weekend. the saddest part is that we have to re-paint the walls in our apartment back to white - which means saying goodbye to jacob's nursery. it's kind of fitting to be doing this so close to his 1st birthday- sort of like saying goodbye to his "babyhood". but soon enough we will get to enjoy that stage all over again! :)

pictures soon- i hope!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

it does a body good

jacob is just a week and a half short of being 1 year old! wow time flies! i wonder how many times i have said that on this blog??

anyways...we started vitamin D whole milk a couple days ago. just like any new food, jacob didn't seem to even notice a difference and he chugged his bottle down. he is officially weaned as of monday (poor mommy) and hasn't seemed to have noticed that either.

how do you get this cap off, mommy?

he is growing up!! just a few more days and he will get to see what the world looks like when you ride forward in the car, instead of looking out the trunk window.