Monday, March 23, 2009

so long, farewell!

we won't be seeing you in the morning...or ever again! jacob said goodbye to his pacifiers this weekend. actually, we threw them away when we wasn't looking, so he didn't get a chance to officially say goodbye. (was that mean of us? i don't know. we thought we were making it easier for him.)
well, he surprised us, and slept amazingly well at night without his paci. his naps were not as good- he would wake up and be very upset- almost inconsolable. but as the weekend went on, the naps got slightly better. so, time will tell. we are so proud of our big boy for making the transition smoother for us than we thought! daddy got sentimental and we ended up keeping just one paci, which we tucked away out of sight. :)

we are so excited for our friends zach and danielle who welcomed their second child, Elizabeth Agnes (Ellie), into the world on saturday. jesse and i were able to visit their family yesterday and see the beautiful girl! both mom and baby are healthy and are doing great! congratulations!

funny story:
yesterday morning, in our rush to get out the door for church, i asked jesse to grab some diapers for [jacob's] diaper bag (he says i didn't specify which child). it wasn't until after church that i realized we had sent kate's size 3 diapers into nursery with jacob. (jacob is wearing size 5 these days, and maybe should be wearing 6's, if you can just imagine the size difference). so yes indeed, jacob needed a clean diaper during nursery, and yes indeed, he was wearing a size 3 when we picked him up! the nursery staff must have gotten a good laugh out of that- or else they were really worried for jacob because his parents must be loony! let's just say that a size 3 diaper on a 27+ pound toddler looks like the fit of speedo swimming trunks. sorry jacob!

sorry grandparents, no pictures today!

Monday, March 16, 2009

yes, smoke DOES follow beauty

the weather was gorgeous yesterday, and jesse had the great idea to build a fire and cook hotdogs for dinner. we have 54 acres of land that comes along with our rented home, and it is nice to get out and enjoy the space every chance we get!

so, it didn't take kate and i very long to find truth in the old saying "smoke follows beauty". i couldn't get her away from the campfire smoke- every direction we turned! and you all thought the smoke was following me... :) (you'll have to ignore the baseball cap on kate- in our dash to get outside and make the most of the sunlight, i realized that kate has no "girly" sun hats... so she had to use her brother's...which actually first belonged to cousin ryan!)
so, i finally layed her down in the stroller where she enjoyed playing with her toys, while jesse, jacob and i enjoyed our hot dogs and marshmallows...yum!

after dinner, we journeyed out to the edge of the field for a visit with the hay bales. (or hayballs, as jacob calls them)

for all you jackson fans- here's jackson trying to jump up (couldn't get up by himself- jesse ended up having to give him a boost)

what a pleasant evening on the farm!

Friday, March 6, 2009

cookies 101

last night we let jacob assist us in baking cookies. with daddy's help, jacob was able to cut out a few star shaped cookies.....

and then we watched them bake.....

and the best part, we got to enjoy them, warm from the oven!

kate's 4 month appointment went great. the dr said she looks healthy and is growing well. she weighed in at 14 1/2 pounds (what her brother weighed at 2 months!) and she was measuring in the 95th percentile for her height (just like her brother).

Monday, March 2, 2009

praying for dinner

we're teaching jacob praying before dinner, to thank the Lord for the food. it is a very simple prayer, "Jesus, thank you for this food. Amen." he does so good, he repeats it word-by-word. it is the cutest thing to us, so we wanted to capture it on video and share it with family. unfortunately, jacob is a little too smart and saw the camera i was hiding, right as we were sitting down to pray...

and speaking of dinner... i started kate on rice cereal last week. i have only tried twice- this first time she did great, the second time was not so good. maybe i am starting too early, but i feel like she is not being sustained long enough with just milk. she has her 4 month check up tomorrow, so i will ask the dr what he thinks. anyway- some cute pictures jesse got from her first cereal experience.

also, kate is now in competition with isabel in "falling asleep in strange places". here she is after a session of bouncing in her bouncy seat.

and last but not least, jesse thought this was hilarious, and wanted me to blog about it. i told him our blog audience wouldn't appreciate it as much as we do. so, this is for you, honey. here is jackson, balancing coasters on paws. and another one jesse thought everyone should see, jackson sleeping with his tongue out....maybe it is time for jesse to start his own blog!