Thursday, April 15, 2010

my little boy is growing up

i've been SO proud of jacob these past 2 weeks. last week's potty training was a complete success. only had accidents for a day and a half, and by the afternoon of day 3, he was going on his own. he still needs frequent reminders, but as long as i don't have to clean up accidents, then i am ok with the task of reminding.
since potty training began, i've noticed jacob maturing in other areas. seems like using the potty made him another year older, just in the span of a few days.

here are some photos from the past week:

riding the tractor with daddy

playing with Scoop, a new toy from his friend Gabe.

trying to be friendly with the neighbors, waving to our "grandma" neighbor across the street.

giving daddy a haircut, the only way we could make it through jacob's haircut was to torture someone else.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

signs of spring

it seems like it got very warm a little earlier than usual this spring....

but you won't hear any complaints from our family (ok, maybe just one- i could really do without the flies, bees, wasps, and spiders- but other than that, i'm content.)

we've been spending most of our waking moments outside, enjoying the sunshine and spring breezes.

my strawberry plants are starting to give flowers...which means another 2 weeks or less and there will be berries already!!

jacob, trying to see if the plants actually smell like strawberries, or maybe looking for bugs. :)

and these 2 little love-birds (or love-turkeys if you must) have been doing their dance of love. well, they were this morning, at least, in our back yard. they danced around each other at least 50 times, and then... we ate breakfast.

and today we played outside, soaked in the vitamin D to get us through the rest of the potty training week. (today is day #2).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

oh happy day!

a wonderful worship service this morning, followed by gorgeous weather and delicious dinner with good friends. what a great Easter day! (side note: jesse started an impromtu potty training session with jacob today- total of 7 hours in big boy pants with no accidents!! lots of candy, though.)

and now we're all exhausted, bellies full of food and Easter candy, not looking forward to starting another work week, but enjoying pictures from the day:
tried to get a picture of the kids together, and it ended up in a choke-hold. maybe next year...
not sure how we managed a family picture with everyone looking at the camera?

He is risen!!!