Tuesday, November 9, 2010


maybe only exciting for me, because i am the mom, but regardless... jacob just wrote his name, all by himself.

ok, so i told him what letters to write (except for the "J" because he knows that one well) but i gave him no instruction on how to make the letters.(we're still working on the "c", half the time he likes to make it backwards) he's actually learning!!! yay for Answers for Preschoolers!

other exciting news- jacob and kate had a quick visit from their grandma and grandpa mclane, as they stayed the night on their way home from a missions conference in chattanooga, tn. we loved having them, for the 13 hours that they were here. it's always a delight to have the grandparents visit!

and speaking of grandparents visiting, jesse's parents are heading down here this weekend to take care of the kiddos while i am out of commision. having my wisdom teeth extracted this friday. :( boooo. i'd appreciate your prayers. so not looking forward to the needles, anesthesia, and recovery. so long, wisdom.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my kids are growing up too fast

they're not babies any more.

parties and such

my baby turned 2 this past week.

i've always loved the costume aspect of halloween, just hate the dark side of the "holiday". i never really participated in trick-or-treat growing up, and neither did jesse. we have made the decision to not have our kids participate, but i didn't want to let that stop us from enjoying the dress-up fun. so, i took advantage of kate's birthdate, being on october 30th, and decided to throw a costume birthday party. the guests' costumes were great, the weather was perfect, i think kate had fun, and jesse and i got to have blue hair. an all-around splendid evening with friends. kate did a costume change halfway through the party when she went from being a cupcake to being a kitty. :o)

fast forward a week. we made a trip to pittsburgh to meet my new nephew, and we also had a family gathering to celebrate kate's birthday. needless to say, we're partied out.

while in pittsburgh, we also got to spend time with cousin jezze (born july 2010). she's changed so much since we last saw her in august. it was a treat to see her!

and now we are ready for a crazy november and december. i get tired just thinking about it. i'm gonna go start a pot of coffee...