Wednesday, August 13, 2008

great grandma scruggs visits

this has been the summer of visitors! sure glad we are not in the cramped apartment anymore!

jacob's great grandma scruggs came all the way from california to visit yesterday. and she brought along her sister, jacob's GREAT GREAT aunt jeanne, from youngstown, ohio. the travelling pair drove down yesterday and will be going back home after they visit the creation museum today.

i was so angry with myself that i didn't remember to take a picture of jacob with his visitors. but we had a chance to snap a quick picture this morning before they started in the museum. (aunt jean on the left, grandma on the right, fat prego lady in the middle)

and here's another cool insect/bug that jesse found in our yard, and he was brave enough to get close to take a picture.

Monday, August 11, 2008

weekend happenings

this weekend we had gammie and pappie pié visiting from pittsburgh. jacob was spoiled with attention and treated us all to lots of giggles and smiles (and bad naps!). :)
and i excitedly planted my "strasberries" yesterday with hope and anticipation for a bountiful spring crop. can't wait!! i hope my attempt at gardening is not in vain- i am not sure if i have a "green thumb".

Friday, August 8, 2008

first ouchie

ok, maybe not his first. he has had his share of scratches, scrapes, and bruises for his age. but last night was his first major ouchie. showing off for his visitors, pappie and gammie pié, jacob was all over the house going from toy to toy. he tripped over his big feet and ended up falling and smacking his lip right on the corner between the living room and kitchen. it was the most blood i have seen come from his little body in his 15 months of life. it was surely sad, (and i know the first of many more ouchies). but the bleeding stopped quickly and it only took 5 minutes to calm him down (thank goodness his "puppy" was just in the next room- waiting to be hugged!). and now he has a nice split on his swollen lip - too sore for kisses i am sure. :(

and as much as i hate spiders (and jesse too), we just can't stop looking at this picture jesse took of a spider that was making it's home in our bathroom window (on the outside of course). it's amazing how even the littlest of God's creatures can have such intricate detail and design. to give a little perspective, this spider's body had about the same diameter as a dime. too big for me! and good thing is, we haven't seen him since that one night jesse took the picture. or maybe that is not such a good thing???

i can't resist sharing these pictures either. jacob has learned how to "dippy-dip" his hot dogs, french fries, and nuggets into ketchup. the other night he was dipping his peas...and then we realized he was just dipping his fingers and eating the ketchup straight-up. so cute!

and this is jacob on sunday morning watching airplanes in our backyard.

Monday, August 4, 2008

the monster inside

i decided to go ahead and blame the little girl inside me for my latest craze...

no bake cookies

oh yum! i don't know where i muster up the strength to not eat the entire pan. i refer to them as my "protein bars"- the combination of peanut butter, oatmeal, and milk (and maybe a few other non-healthy ingredients) make it such a great snack - or breakfast - or 2nd dinner. :)
and by the way- this is one of the best recipes for lazy pregnant women- especially if you don't make them into cookies and you just spread the batter out into a 9 x 13 dish (thank you to my friend and co-worker, jessie, for the great tip).

in other news - i've been contemplating whether or not to do a baby registry for our baby girl, and going through jacob's things i came to the conclusion that there are just some things that can't be passed on from baby to baby, and especially from boy to girl. so, i decided to do a small baby registry for her. jesse and i went out on saturday evening to good ol' target to create the list. you can view the registry at, and it is listed under my first and last name. there are a couple of items on there that are more "wish list" items and not so much necessities, but there's no harm in wishing - and more importantly getting a discount off the items that remain on our registry after she is born. :)