Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a reason to celebrate

my friend jessie informed me that today is National Coffee Day. my response to her was, "of all people, how did i not know about this?!" and why am i not celebrating? nevermind that i already had a cup and a half this morning. i am thinking this might just call for a trip to starbucks this evening. oh, wait. we're having company for dinner. aw shucks...looks like i'll have to celebrate another day. no skin off my back. Starbucks Sisterhood, Northern KY Chapter- are we on for this sunday evening? it only seems appropriate. :)
i'd love to know how you all celebrated this wonderful day, which also happens to be my sister's birthday!
happy birthday, michal! (who's your favorite sister NOW?)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

the NO monster

jacob has discovered his new favorite word. "no."

he says it all the time.

even if it doesn't make sense. i'll ask him, "jacob, which one do you want - oranges or applesauce?" "no!" he replies. maybe it was indecisiveness talking?

or he says it when he is straight-up lying. "jacob, did you poop in your diaper?" "no!", as i wiff the stinky coming from that region. denial?

but more importantly, he says it when it makes too much sense, and it makes jesse and i want to tape his mouth shut so we never have to hear the word again. we address it most of the time, telling him that he does NOT say "no" to mommy and daddy. (which he sometimes responds to with a "no!" which is followed by a spank.)

as with a lot of things "toddlerish" i want to ignore it and hope that it will just wear off because it is "just a phase" right? any advice from you experienced moms who have survived the "no" phase?

i got him mid-no in this picture:

not so cute, huh?!

on a more pleasant note, jesse and i enjoyed a date night out last night, without kate and the No Monster. we had some shopping to do for some upcoming weddings, and i had a $20 off coupon to DSW that was about to expire. :) and since i never found the boots of my dreams last winter, jesse graciously (and willingly!) helped me pick out a pair last night.

and here they are- my first ever pair of boots (well, of my adult life, that is. i am pretty sure i had some Rainbow Brite snow boots when i was little. or maybe those were my sister's and i just wished that they were my own?!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

big chocolate

we're not anywhere close to potty training jacob, but every now and then he wants to sit on the big potty. and sure enough he sits there and does some #1 (still have yet to do #2- he did a little bit one time, but i am not counting it).
when he successfully goes, we want to keep it positive and exciting and so we reward him with a few m&ms. sometimes i catch daddy giving him 5 or even giving him m&ms when jacob hasn't visited the potty- all my efforts for consistancy are flushed down the toilet- no pun intended.
so this morning i see jacob dropping his pants... one of the signs that he is getting ready to ask to "sit on the big potty". and so he did. and so he went.
and after he was finished he headed to the m&m cabinet in the kitchen, and quickly diverted himself to another cabinet where mommy keeps her stash of dove dark chocolates.

"want big chocolate!" he says, pointing to the mentioned cabinet.

i respond, "let's get your m&ms, jacob. you were a big boy and went pee-pee on the potty!", trying to distract him from my stash.

it doesn't work.

"WANT BIG chocolate!!" ugh! what do i do??!

so i remembered we had some hershey bar leftover from campfire this weekend... phew! no sacrificing my dove dark chocolate here! he seemed ok with the hersheys. :)

how does he even know where my stash is?? daddy!!!!??

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fish is the word

kate surprised me as i was giving her a bath tonight. she actually tried to repeat the word i was speaking to her. (in between trying to eat her washcloth and drink out of the tupperware) i guess we can mark this down as her first word. :)

don't tell me you can't hear it. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

new things

1. kate is walking. well, with a walker, but walking nonetheless.

2. jesse and i discovered our new favorite ice cream. Starbucks coffee ice cream. Mmmm, quite heavenly.

3. jacob has discovered paint, and is for sure the next picasso. here he is working on one of his first masterpieces (framed prints will be available for $49.99)

Friday, September 4, 2009

our first victim

here he is. cute little mousey mouse.

time of death: 10:45 pm (2.5 hours after the orkin man left our house).
cause of death: stupidity, gluttony, and filthy habits.

good ridance. and tell your friends there is more candy bar if they want some (insert evil laugh here).
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