Sunday, February 14, 2010

ob la di, ob la da, life goes on

back from vacation, back to work, been sick with the stomach flu/migraine/more stomach flu for the past week, life goes on. :)

been going through a bit of a blogging dry spell. while i've enjoyed the frequent blog updates over the last several weeks from my fellow blogging friends, every time our blog appears on the screen i am notified by jesse that "our cozumel pictures have been on there way too long." and my excuse to him is either "i haven't had time" or "there's nothing exciting happening to write about."
and then i had to remind myself that not only do i blog to keep friends and family posted of the goings-on in our life, but also to have a place to write down memories before i forget them for the kids' baby books. so here is my quick little update, for my sake.

KATE is turning into a toddler right before our eyes. she keeps herself very busy during her play time, scurrying from room to room. she loves to open and close the cupboards, stack tupperware, and carry handfuls of alphabet magnets to and from the refrigerator. her favorite toys are her baby dolls and their accessories, her elmo book, and the purse that her friend isabel has let her borrow. she is constantly aware of where i set my cell phone and is always trying to figure out a way to get a hold of it. she loves loves loves music and loves to dance. she chatters all the time and can say a handful of words such as daddy, mommy, down, eye, nose, tractor, truck, happy, tu-tu, jackson, paci, no-no, and hat. she can say a, b, c, f, g and that's as far as she gets. she loves to watch and giggle at her big brother. she is a great sleeper- naps and nighttime. i often remind myself how blessed i am to have 2 children who are such good sleepers.

playing with isabel's purse- thank you, isabel, for letting us borrow it!

kissing one of daddy's dinosaurs on a recent visit to the creation museum

JACOB continues to amaze us with his growing vocabulary and grammar. he is learning lots of big new words and is putting together sentences so well. he daily makes us laugh with the hilarious things that come out of his mouth, such as "daddy, stop wiggling the car- i'm trying to pick my boogers." some of his favorite things to do include building tents, playing with cars, finger-painting, playing with play-doh, pretending to be a doggy, going to the library, and of course- playing with his always growing collection of tractors! we postponed our potty training initiative that was started in january, as jacob and mommy were both not ready for that big step. so to avoid frustration, and a lot of tears, we have decided to wait. maybe this summer. grandma? :)

kate recently spent some of her christmas money on a new table and chairs for jacob and her. (i love using "their" money to buy toys instead of our's- it takes away the guilt.) the new table has provided some precious brother/sister moments such as tent building, and this tea party...