Tuesday, September 25, 2007


i almost forgot to mention this, but we started jacob on cereal this past weekend. he impressed us and ate every last drop. he didnt reject it like we thought he would. he even smacks his lips before he asks for more.

spit up monster

jackson loves spit-up. good thing we have a spit-up baby!

here are some pictures from the weekend (grandma mclane came to visit)

here's daddy thinking he's funny again...no, jacob is not pregnant. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

haircut #2

jesse cutting candace's hair. final product will soon follow. (have to wait for when the mommy's can find time to get their picture taken together)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

4 months (and a few days)

jacob had his 4 month dr appt last week. he weighed in at 16 pounds 13 oz. measured 27 inches. and the dr said he's a healthy boy and we can start him on cereal at any time.... he's growing so fast!!! he got his 2nd round of shots and recovered within 3 minutes! i was patting myself on the back after that. :)
ok, so jesse has taken the whole haircutting thing to the next level...his wife's good friend. yes, candace was brave enough to ask jesse to cut her hair. so saturday afternoon we were at the nordine's house...an hour later jesse had given candace the "new mom" do. pictures will be posted soon.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

trust redefined

jacob's been busy these days...we went hiking this past weekend at the Boone County Cliffs. can't decide who liked it more, jackson or jacob. jackson enjoyed being out of the apartment and in is own element. jacob enjoyed looking at the trees and everything around him.

jacob started smiling and laughing at himself in the mirror...i've included a picture of that too.

so i must really love my husband. i put complete trust in him...a pair of scissors in hand...my long wavy locks at his disposal....and this is the result. he did pretty good, i must say. and anyone interested in haircuts at "salon pie" just get in line and bring lots of cash!