Thursday, January 24, 2008

are they really smarter than us?

i am starting to question whether or not computers are really smarter than humans; maybe they were invented to make our lives easier, or maybe it was to test the patience of anyone whoever uses one. as i write (it takes my computer approximately 60 seconds to register and perform every task i ask it to do) my computer is trying to diagnose it's own problems... yes, we are smarter...we go see other humans to diagnose our problems, instead of consulting our own intelligence. so, if this machine can get it's act together i might have a picture or 2 to post. if not, there might never be another blog post in the history of "kentucky pie". *note: this computer was bought brand new in june 2007. makes me sick!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

jacob's newest

we have learned a lot about our son in the last week or so. here's a short list, just to name a few:

1. jacob is allergic to eggs...for now. they say it's ok to feed eggs to your baby after they are six months, but most babies can have an allergic reaction up until age 2. these things would have been good to know before we gave jacob a bite of french toast. let's just say, he won't be eating french toast until he's old enough to drive. he broke out in hives-rash all over his face, had super itchy eyes, and was wheezing for a while afterwards. we have learned from our mistake. it was NOT a fun experience.

2. jacob likes to eat crib paint. well, not sure if that is really what he was going for, but we have been finding beaver-like teeth marks on the top ledge of his crib. turns out that he likes to scrape his 2 little teeth against the crib after he has pulled himself up. too bad he has a black crib- it looks like he got into some dirt.

3. jacob likes to make sure mommy and daddy do not get a full night's rest. he has not been sleeping very well through the night for about 2 months now. i wish i could blame it on teething, and maybe i can, but i am not quite convinced. i wish i knew. and i tell jacob every morning, "good thing you are so cute, or mommy would send you back to where you came from because you are so naughty." no, i wouldnt really do that, but being woken up 2-3 times a night to screaming baby can sure make you crazy. jacob, please give mommy and daddy a good night's sleep!!! please!!

4. jacob has an orange nose- only in pictures. we have been noticing lately that in all of the pictures we take of jacob, his nose is orange-colored. not sure why. maybe too many orange veggies? not sure. any suggestions?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

this is not a toy

pretty soon my dear husband will be regretting that he ever
let jacob lay eyes on his precious instrument,
let alone his HANDS.
but i thought this was pretty cute.
here is jacob displaying his future in guitar-playing
and his new favorite thing to do all day long (pulling himself up)

*no, jacob does not hit his head on the guitar after the tape stops rolling*

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

it's been awhile

let's see....what has happened since the last time i posted?

jacob had his first christmas. isabel and jacob got to visit santa at the mall (much to their daddies' dismay- $20 for 2 5x7 photos- what a waste of money. hmm?)

jacob enjoyed watching his big cousins, Ryan and Lindsey, play, just as much as they enjoyed watching him.

Ryan even was gracious enough to let jacob play with his beloved Cars (the movie) Lightning McQueen collection.

we spent the holidays in pittsburgh where we were able to celebrate Christmas with both mine and jesse's family. here is a picture of my sisters and me with the kids:

jesse had his 28th birthday on december 31st- but due to illnesses in the Nordine family, we celebrated 5 days later. happy birthday lee and jesse! (both turned 28 on the 31st)

we welcomed in the new year without a bang - we both fell asleep in front of the tv by 11:30 pm. i guess we are officially boring people. sad day!

sorry it's been so long....i have no one to blame but myself. :)