Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i can't keep this a secret

last spring, my step-dad and mom performed Dion and the Belmonts "Why Must I Be a Teenager In Love" for the Trinity Christian High School talent show. (the school where my step-dad is superintendent and my mom is their bookkeeper)

this year they wowed the students with their rendition of "Earth Angel". you can watch it on you-tube. click here

GREAT job, guys! :)

all mixed up

jacob is getting the hang of praying before dinner, but the past two nights have been the first he has done it on his own. this is what he prayed last night:

"Jesus... pfood ... tank you ... pfood ... for ... pfood ... AMEN!"

we're still working on it! and yes, for some reason, he puts a p in front of food. ????

Monday, April 27, 2009

zoo day

we are LOVING the warm weather we have been having! (sad to know we are expecting 4 days of rain this week)

we spent saturday at the zoo, and enjoyed watching jacob take in all the animals that he had only ever seen in books, or in toy form. it was a crowded and hot day at the zoo, but that didn't stop us from having a good time with our friends candace and isabel. (kate was such a good girl considering she had to be in the stoller for over 3 hours. thank you, baby!) thank you, candace, for taking pictures- since i brought my camera but didn't want to hassle with getting it out of the bottom of the stroller!

jesse and i are thinking the rhino in this picture doesn't even look real. but i assure you, he was. and he was one of the few animals that wasn't sleeping or hiding in his cage. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

easter weekend pics

as promised

(sorry- this is the best picture we got of the kids in their easter outfits- try getting a 6 month old and 2 year old to cooperate AT THE SAME TIME)

Monday, April 20, 2009

been busy

wow- it's been 2 weeks since i last posted! we've been very busy at the pié house!
gammie and pappy came last weekend for several days. jacob hammed it up for them, and kate smiled the weekend away! we spent a lot of time outside, jesse painting our new headboard and footboard, and me planting sugar snap peas. we celebrated Resurrection Sunday with a wonderful worship service at church, and then came home for a brunch and lazy afternoon.

(more easter pics to come soon- they are still on the camera! )

Easter dinner was spent with our friends, the nordine's. (thank you for a delicious meal, candace!)

grandma and grandpa mclane arrived monday, just in time for our rainy week. we spent most of the time inside since it was so yucky wet and cold outside. grandpa left on thursday, but grandma stayed through the weekend when we were joined by aunt brianne. jacob got a little taste of birthday, as he received a couple early birthday gifts- a hot wheels bike and a sandbox.

aunt brianne has the most awesome camera, and she graciously spent the weekend photographing the kids. here's a little taste

in preparation for his week of company, jacob and i reviewed family members' names:


Monday, April 6, 2009

discipline wins

after consulting the experts (aka experienced parents) over the weekend, the general consensus was: no matter which bed jacob is in, crib or toddler bed, he will have to learn to obey his parents and stay in bed- even if it means a good spankin to help him learn. so we are going to wait it out. if jacob persists with the crib shinanigans, i think toddler bed it will be. :)

kate has been loooooooooving the cereal thing. this weekend she tried her first veggie. she was a little hesitant with the first few bites, but caught on very quickly. here she is on day 2 of squash:

and after we got home from church (and kate's first bridal shower) yesterday:

Friday, April 3, 2009

pitter patter

last weekend jacob got a new mattress. the original mattress that was in his crib was a free offer when we bought his crib. and you get what you pay for (or don't pay for)... it was a cheap mattress, very thin, and we feel awful for having made him sleep on it as long as we did. well...the new mattress we bought last weekend is about 3 or 4 inches thicker than the old one. 3 or 4 inches of comfort for our little boy, jesse and i were thinking..... "3 or 4 inches closer to getting myself out of this crib", is what jacob is thinking.

he waited a week, i guess, because it wasn't until yesterday when i had put him in his crib for play time, that i heard his pitter patter footsteps upstairs while i was feeding kate. i run upstairs...."Jacob!!!!" he shouts back, "jacob!!!". you little stinker! he must have understood, because i put him back in for the remainder of his play time and he stayed in until i came to get him 10 minutes later.

then it was naptime....and this time i heard a "thump". i dash upstairs where i find him standing on the outside of his crib, holding his puppy, rocking back and forth, singing the "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" song (just as we do with him when it is bedtime). i couldn't help but laugh...

so is it time for a toddler bed?? or how about a mesh net?? any suggestions?

here's my mischeiveous little man enjoying some play time outside with this nice weather we've been having: