Monday, September 29, 2008


i guess you can say you are officially "nesting" when your husband starts to notice the house is a little cleaner than normal.
or maybe it was because jesse was actually home to witness my cleaning frenzy on saturday (i usually do the major cleaning while he is at work). he stopped me in the middle of my mopping and accused me of "nesting". (i wasn't even aware that HE was aware of the term) i guess i have been a little more obsessive about taking care of all the little things that need done before the baby comes, which mostly involves cleaning. washing her tiny clothes, washing all the baby gear that jacob blessed with his spit-up days, cleaning the bathrooms- really well, cleaning out closets that have nothing to do with the baby (laundry room storage closet), and next on the list- cleaning out the freezer.
i have had a burst of energy after our recent illnesses in the family. jacob was sick with the big "D" for 8 days, and in the middle of that i got a bug (dr was sure it was just morning sickness) where i had absolutely no appetite for over a week, felt nauseous all day long, had absolutely no energy and i came very close to being dehydrated. but now we are all better and are all ready and anxious for the arrival of baby pié.

i am sorry, family, that there are no new pictures to post. i keep thinking how i need to get one last picture of my swollen belly since none of my family gets to see the bump in person. maybe this week....

so instead of pictures, i will share this great new blog that my friend at work just shared with me today:

this is going to quickly become one of my best friends, and i am looking forward to visiting this site frequently. :) thank you for sharing, jessie baker!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

aunt rachael saves the day

aunt rachael came for a visit this weekend. jacob had lots of fun playing with his aunt. rachael came to the rescue on monday when jacob's babysitter was sick. rachael called off work and stayed in kentucky 1 day longer than planned (and got to change some pretty nasty diapers to boot). our hero!

we survived the recent storms, the remnants of hurricane ike, that passed through kentucky on sunday afternoon. we were fortunate to only have a minor amount of damage and loss of power for only 4 hours. there are many people in the cincinnati and northern kentucky areas that are still without power and had extensive damage to their homes.

our one excitement from the storm was the up-rooting of the outhouse we have out behind our barn. we're waiting to hear from our landlord whether or not they want to try to save it or destroy it.

and lastly, jacob got new fire truck slippers last week- we're getting ready for the cooler weather. he calls them "weeee-oooooh".

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

stolen picture

sorry, candace. i had to steal this picture from your blog so our family could see it. :)

this is a recent picture that candace took of the buddies. can't believe how old they look!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

what's in a name?

so jesse and i have been back and forth on a name for the baby. well, i should say JESSE has been back and forth. i've been pretty settled for several months now. after many suggestions from family, and after pouring through several baby name books that we borrowed from the nordines, jesse still remains undecided.

yesterday jesse and i got pre-registered at the hospital and i had a dr check-up for the baby. the dr said she has her head down-ready to drop- one step closer to her arrival!

when we're not trying to pick out a name, this is what we've been up to:

making messes when we eat:

mowing the lawn (and/or driveway):

playing with grandpa mclane:

celebrating 1st birthdays with isabel (pictured) and lydia:

painting the nursery:

sculpting and painting a dragon for the Creation Museum: