Friday, November 28, 2008

happy thanksgiving

it was a busy day in the pié house- lots of cooking, eating, and kids running around. we enjoyed our thanksgiving day with grandma and grandpa mclane and aunt michal, uncle scott, and cousins ryan and lindsey. we are very thankful for family, especially our recent addition. :)

sorry for the blurry picture, but this was the best one of 'the cousins'

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

oh yes! she smiled.

a little too early for a real smile? i know. but i am convinced that this was a legitimate smile! i was doing the usual "goo goo" baby talk in her face, and she smiled. couldn't have been real, i thought. so i grabbed the camera and did it again- sure enough! i was able to capture it on camera. yay for mommy!- that was enough for me to forget about how exhausted i was (still am), and forgive kate for keeping me up at night!

jacob had his 18 month dr appt this week- he's an average 35 pounds (75th percentile according to the dr), but he measures in at an above-average height (95th percentile). doc says he will most likely be 6 ft 2 in or taller when he is all grown up. hard to believe! jacob is doing great at adjusting to kate- so good that he was kind enough to share a cold virus with her (and with mommy and daddy). oh the joys of snotty noses! we're getting ready to transition jacob to 1 nap a day- and are contemplating the disappearing act of his pacifiers (our goal is to have them gone in the next 6 months).

we snuck kate on the scale when jacob was at the dr. she weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces. she continues to eat well, and spits up more often :(. naps are good- but nighttime is rough- i think it just might be time to move her into her own bedroom. sounds like a great idea!

jacob made me laugh this week- we were watching the music group 'il divo' perform on Good Morning America. they were singing "amazing grace", a song from their recently released album. jacob was CAPTIVATED! when he caught me filming him- the first word that comes out of his mouth, "puppy!" think maybe he was embarrassed?? :) i think he liked the bagpipes.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

tired family

yes, we're very very tired, but it is all worth it- we've got this cute bundle of joy to look at, and an energetic 18 month old to chase around!

jesse returned to work on monday, gladly- i think he was getting cabin fever and had much work awaiting him. i have just been busy taking care of the kids and the house- and trying to get a nap in when i can.
over all, things are going really well. kate is a good baby, eating and napping well, and sleeping great at night. jacob has started to warm up to the idea of keeping her and not sending her back, even will give her kisses when he is not asked.

grandpa scruggs is in town for the weekend, enjoying the grandkids. here he is getting his first look at kate. jacob LOVES his papa dennis!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new hair and kate on day 5

jacob got a haircut- it got a little out of control! mommy and daddy are both hoping it grows back fast. jacob is still not quite sure about the new body in the house. he seems to not be interested in her but will kiss her or touch her every now and then. time will tell... here is a picture of us getting home from the hospital, introducing brother and sister:

kate is still a sweet little girl- slowing down on her spit-up and blessing us with fussy nights. oh the joys!! :)