Wednesday, May 27, 2009


this past sunday we had the privilage, for the 2nd year in a row, to go forward in church and dedicate our child to the Lord. kate was well-behaved on stage, and even fell asleep on my shoulder during the prayer- unlike her brother, who, last year, squirmed and wiggled the whole time, and eventually projectile spit-up on stage. fun times!

we didn't get any pictures this time, but i got some of kate when we got home from church. i thought she looked so cute in her dress (dress borrowed from isabel :) ).

we enjoyed a restful memorial day weekend. on monday, the kids both slept in until 8:45, which was just what mommy and daddy needed!!

our weekend included jacob's 1st corn on the cob experience and kate's new bathing suit:

Friday, May 22, 2009

how tall will he be?

interesting. according to this height predictor i found today, jacob will be 6' 2'' by the time he is 18. this is what the dr has been telling us too, because jacob measures in the 95th percentile for height at every dr appt. it only works for age 2 and up. try it! i am curious! :)


jacob's favorite thing in the world right now, besides his puppy, is tractors. so for his birthday, we threw him a Tractor Party. we celebrated with friends and family and had a wonderful time! one of our neighbors let us "borrow" his brand new massey-ferguson tractor for the day. it gave us a lot of good photo-ops! all the good pictures are on aunt joanna's camera...and i have yet to see them.
so mommy and daddy tried to make a tractor cake, and it didnt turn out so great... so the morning of the party, we ran out and bought a cake, which looked and tasted much better than our disaster! pictures of the disaster are available upon request.

p.s. i got my first strasberry!! (not a typo- a cross between raspberry and strawberry, but nothing like a raspberry!) it was YUMMMY. now i just have to keep the bugs from eating the rest before i can make some jam!

here she is:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

happy birthday jacob!

yesterday jacob turned 2. (i like to let everyone know that he has been ACTING 2 for about 6 months now, but yesterday we got to celebrate the official day). :)

jacob woke up on his birthday morning, and the first thing he said was "ba-gol (bagel)....bite it". so mommy let him have a special birthday breakfast: a bagel with cream cheese and homemade strawberry jam for "dip-dip". and as i was cleaning up the huge sticky jam and cream cheese mess after breakfast, it confirmed for me that this is NOT going to make it on jacob's breakfast menu for a long time.

after i destroyed what could have been a delicious roast beef for dinner, we finished up with yummy cake!

i think he was REALLY happy about his cake!

we were trying to teach jacob how to hold up 2 fingers to say he is 2 years old...but he can't get it quite right on his left hand, which wants to say he is 6 years old.

we finished off the day with a movie and popcorn- 2 of jacob's favorite things.
we look forward to celebrating with friends and family on saturday!
and i can't resist sharing this cute picture of kate in her cute hat, taken while we were enjoying a gorgeous afternoon outside.

Monday, May 4, 2009

it's opinion time

jesse and i watched slumdog millionaire over the weekend. it wasn't anything like what we were expecting. and when the movie was over, we sat there watching the bizzare dance video that played during the credits (which had nothing to do with the movie) wondering to ourselves, "what??". a well done movie for sure, but what was all the buzz about? we can't decide if we liked it or not.

i am curious to know any opinions from those of you who have watched it....liked it?....loved it?....hated it? please do share.

Friday, May 1, 2009

all mixed up part 2

jacob's getting very creative with his prayers...

this is what he prayed with daddy as he was going to bed:

daddy: "Jesus"
jacob: "Jesus"

daddy: "Thank you"
jacob: "tank you"

daddy: "for"
jacob: "four"
jacob: "five"
jacob: "six"

daddy (laughing): "for this day. amen."
jacob: "amen."