Friday, February 24, 2012

you go that way, we'll go this way

jesse's work took him to Missouri in february. and me, being the wimp that i am, couldn't bear the thought of a week alone with the kids. my train of thought, "i'll have to take time off of work. taking care of the kids by myself will be exhausting, and i can't add work to that mix. (let me insert here that i have the highest respect for moms who's husbands travel often- i just don't know how you do it! i am a baby!) well, if i don't have to work i might as well go some where. gotta go somewhere where i can have help with the kids...pittsburgh, of course!" not that my kids require so much work, i just happen to have one of the most helpful husbands in the world, so in his absence i feel it a little more.

(whew, see what happens when i go on a blog hiatus, it takes me an entire paragraph to tell you we went to pittsburgh.) so, jesse headed west, the kids and i headed east.

we had an extra special treat on this trip- we got to travel with my dear friend and her 6 month old. it was a blessing to have them along- not only because i was able to show her my "hometown", but also because the kids and i ended up having a 10-day virus and she was a huge help to us during all of that.

while in pittsburgh we rested with family, coughed, sneezed, blew our noses a billion times, saw very little friends and family so as not to get anyone sick, got kate's 1st not-at-home haircut, visited the pittsburgh aviary, toured jesse's and my high school, and most importantly, ate lots of yummy food. :)

and one day the kids got to climb grandma and grandpa's tree- highlight of the trip for jacob :)

we tried to make the most out of the week, even though we were missing jesse and feeling so crummy.