Tuesday, June 30, 2009

happy 8 months to kate!

she's 8 months old today. can't believe how time is flying!

here are some of the things kate is doing:
  • eating solids- her daily meals consist of pureed fruits and veggies and rice cereal. her favorite things to eat, however, are sweet potato puffs and cheerios.

  • spitting up- yes, she's following in her brother's footsteps. she still spits up all day, every day. jacob didn't stop spitting up until he was at least 15 months. :( let's hope not that long with kate!

  • sitting up- she can go from belly position to sitting position all on her own- just started this last week!

  • smiling- she loves to smile and usually has one ready for you at any moment of the day. :)

  • clapping- on demand clapping. it's ah-dorable.

  • splashing- just found this out tonight, as her and her brother had a splashing/giggling fest in the bathtub while mommy was trying to get them clean. water everywhere in the bathroom!

  • crawling- she has perfected the "army crawl" (see following video). she gets around pretty fast for only being 8 months. she is across the living room before i can get a drink from the kitchen. gone are the days of leaving her alone in a room! here she is heading for the dog bowl:

we enjoyed some time outside today with the cooler weather. here she is on her 8 month day...

because aunt brianne doesn't have a blog

aunt brianne and uncle kevin came for a short visit this weekend while they were in town for kevin's family reunion. it was SO good to see them and spend some time with them -we went to bass pro and out to the Creation Museum pond for some fishing. brianne got some more pics of the kiddos with her super awesome camera, and since she doesn't have a blog, i get to be the one to share a few.

kate being cute with her new ouchie (mommy doesn't want to talk about it)
jacob being a ham
jacob with his "new one" puppy
a cool shot from the museum gardens

Saturday, June 20, 2009

welcome to the 21st century

the pié family has finally arrived in the 21st century. we just got our internet installed yesterday- 1st time having internet in our 6 years of being married. (yes, happy anniversary to us on june 7th) i guess it was about time.

and now we're experiencing internet shock- wondering how we ever lived without it. kind of like cell phones- how did we survive before all this technology?!

so, here's to more blog posts now that i won't have to squeeze in internet time on my lunch breaks at work! (right, j baker?)

in other news, kate achieved a couple milestones today...
  • crawling! (for nothing other than the TV remote!),
  • pulling to a sitting position from laying down,
  • and eating her 1st french fry (ok, maybe it was technically her 2nd- she had a sweet potato fry at dinner a couple nights ago and lah-oved it!)
and i'd love to share this moment i caught on camera, of jacob trying out his newly learned skills of putting on shoes. notice he picks mommy's shoes and not daddy's, which are right beside him. oh jacob....some day the boys will make fun of you for stuff like this!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


we've had a lot happen since my last post- yea, sorry that was a long break i took!

since then...

*we almost lost our bedroom from a car accident that happened in our neighbor's yard last wednesday night. we are so thankful that the Lord protected our home! here is a link to the story: http://www.wlwt.com/news/19653663/detail.html
and a picture from our bedroom window

*our son has become a famed guitarist (and singer). not sure who he got his amazing vocal talent from?? here he is singing "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. There's just something about that name."

*and kate has NOT started crawling yet, but has become accepting of the idea of getting up on all four's. she still prefers to roll everywhere she can go!