Saturday, June 28, 2008

congratulations travis & marcie!

jesse was honored to be a groomsman today in the wedding of travis and marcie(fischer) wilson. travis is jesse's good friend and co-worker in the art department of the creation museum.

travis and marcie were married today in rochester, michigan - just north of detroit. it was a beautiful wedding at Twin Lakes Golf Club. the Lord held off the morning rain for a 40 minute window so the wedding took place outside where they had planned.

jacob was a good boy for the event... especially considering the lack of nap!

he got to take his first swim in a pool tonight.

and enjoyed his bedtime bottle on the king bed in our hotel.

tractors and lawnmower

jacob surprised us this past weekend with several new tricks: clapping, waving, and some new words. we've tried and tried clapping and waving for a few months now, and all of a sudden, grandma comes into town and jacob pulls it out of no-where.

his new words include "jackson", "kisses", and "tractor" - all of which only sound somewhat like the actual word - but we know exactly what he is saying. :)

and speaking of tractor...wondering why jacob picked that word? they cut our hay fields this week, and jacob LOVED watching the tractor go through the fields... hours of entertainment!

more hours of entertainment - watching daddy mow the lawn, and if he's lucky, HELPING daddy mow the lawn.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

weekend with grandma

grandma mclane came to visit this weekend. she was jacob's babysitter while jesse and i went to work on monday and tuesday. (his babysitter, candace, is in california with her family for a couple weeks).

here are some cute pictures grandma took over the past few days:
the new baby donkey, born at the creation museum last wednesday
jacob got to pet the new baby

jacob and grandma took a lot of walks around the creation museum nature trails

and jacob so happy in his new pool... couldn't even wait to get his swim trunks on, he just wanted to get right in with all of his clothes.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

congratulations heidi & joel!

i was blessed to be a part of my dear friend, heidi's, wedding this past weekend in hudsonville, michigan. it was a beautiful day and joel & heidi did a wonderful job at making it a very God-honoring celebration. we are so happy for you guys! hope you're having a great honeymoon! :)

jesse survived a long weekend alone with jacob. i am one proud mother and wife. i came back to a changed boy- 2 more teeth and now has learned to give kisses. :)

here is a picture his babysitter, lauren, took on monday.

and a picture she also took of the new ZONKEY at the creation museum.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

it's a girl!

2 arms
2 legs
10 fingers
10 toes
4 heart chambers
a healthy baby girl!

the ultrasound went girl pié is measuring perfect for her due date, and all vitals look healthy and everything is in it's right place. :)

on another note... we had 3 or 4 days of storms this past week - 2 tornado warnings - and some pretty crazy heavy downpours. here is a picture jesse took of a storm cloud as it approached the house:

and here is what jesse so proudly did to that same picture in photoshop. looks pretty real, i think.

and here are some pictures of jacob who is loving the freedom of walking in every room of his new home:

in the kitchen (still some unpacked boxes hanging around)

in the living room

in the laundry room (his favorite room - because that is where the washer and dryer buttons are, and bowl of his favorite (secret) snack- purina dog chow)

Friday, June 6, 2008

happy anniversary

tomorrow jesse and i will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. time flies! and it is hard to imagine these pictures were taken just 5 years ago!

we have so many things to celebrate and be thankful for besides our marriage...

* our new house has been such a blessing. we are settling in quickly and it already feels like home. jackson loves his new yard, jacob loves having more places to walk and explore, and jesse and i love being able to sleep at night and have peace and quiet in the evenings. :)

* today i am going in for an ultrasound, and we will hopefully find out the gender of our baby, as well as check the development and other necessary things. we are so thankful for another healthy pregnancy, and are enjoying frequent reminders as the baby has become very active and i'm feeling lots of kicks and punches.

* we are so thankful for our healthy son who makes us smile every day. he is such a delight and is becoming more of a little boy with every day.

* we will both have the opportunity this month to participate in the weddings of our good friends and celebrate the gift of marriage with them. (Heidi Schuringa- my best friend from college, who is getting married next saturday; and Travis Wilson- jesse's co-worker at the Creation Museum, who is getting married on the 28th. both weddings in michigan.)

baby update to come...