Saturday, June 30, 2012

summertime! - June edition

after jesse's long and busy month at work in May, we took the first week of june and deemed it family week.

daddy took kate out on a donut date

we went on a bike ride

jesse added some art work to the kitchen

we played putt-putt golf

and we did lots of relaxing at home

jesse and i celebrated our 9 year anniversary with a day away- canoeing on the little miami river and sushi for dinner! we thoroughly enjoyed our kid-free day.

later in the month we had a visit from grandpa dennis

we set up the basketball hoop                                 and went blueberry picking!!

all in the same weekend, we also had a special visit from my grandma scruggs (visiting from sunny california!) we enjoyed a couple of dinners and good conversation with her and her friend, ralph.

when it was time for her to go, the kids had sweet hugs and kisses for their great grandma. :)

and cousin easton came for a weekend visit with brianne and kevin. the kids had fun playing and sharing their toys with their cousin.

Friday, June 1, 2012

daddy's at work

it was a busy month of May for Jesse at work. the creation museum opened up a new exhibit on memorial day weekend, which involved many, many hours of work and preparation. the week of installation required extra time and we hardly saw daddy at all. the kids would wake up "where's daddy?", the kids would go to be "where's daddy?". i realize this is some family's normal. not our's. so it was a long week for us all.

the work paid off, though. the exhibit is top-notch, if i can say so myself. :) you can read more details about the new Lucy exhibit on ken ham's blog. here are some pictures i snapped when i finally got to see it for myself.

i am so thankful for my hard-working husband!