Monday, February 23, 2009

kate's new love

i don't think she's getting teeth quite yet, but kate has been loving to chew, or gnaw, on toys. her grandma mclane picked up this super cool "razberry" teether at the pittsburgh airport a few weeks ago. she LOVES it! so, to all you moms who might be looking for a good, and stylish, teether- here ya go!

Monday, February 16, 2009


after arriving back in cincinnati on thursday, i had just enough time to do a load of laundry before we packed up the car to drive to pittsburgh for the weekend.

we've spent the weekend hanging out with family- mclane, pié, hanna, sawyer, and stotler families. jacob has expanded his vocabulary 1000% and kate has started actually holding her own toys. maybe we should travel more often- seems to encourage the kids to get a little smarter! :)

here are some pictures from the weekend:

kate with great grandma mclane at her 90th birthday party
jacob with great grandma hanna (gi-gi)

jacob with great grandpa mclane (pappap)

jesse's family at his brother's birthday dinner (happy birthday, uncle josh!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

finally caught

so i wasn't home to rejoice with jesse, since i am in colorado this week, but he called yesterday to let me know the mousey mouse has been captured!!! yay!

now i guess we just wait around to see how many of his friends he told about the peanut butter and cheese snacks that are available at the pié home.
i am spending a few days in colorado to be with family and attend services for my grandfather vollbracht who went to be with the Lord last week. it has been good to see extended family and spend time together remembering our grandpa. yesterday he was buried at Ft. Logan cemetery in Denver, which happens to be where his parents were buried, and also my grandfather on my dad's side. here are my sisters and me at our great-grandparents' (vollbracht) headstone.

kate has been enjoying being passed around and held by everyone. here she is with her great grandma vollbracht.

kate and i left jesse and jacob home in kentucky- we'll see what the house looks like when we get back tomorrow! i am sure it looks fine- actually jesse impressed me and made himself a crock of homemade chili yesterday!

a couple cute pictures of kate hanging out with her cousin silas (my cousin's boy who was born 29 days before kate). i think he REALLY liked her! :)