Tuesday, April 29, 2008

been tagged

sorry to the family- no new pictures this week,
but i've been tagged....

1. what was i doing ten years ago??
let's see, i was 17. must have been dating jesse and getting ready for my senior year of high school. i think i was working at chick-fil-a?

2. 5 things on my "to-do" list...
1. clean the apartment
2. start packing
3. buy some whole milk for jacob...we're switching him over
4. buy jacob's birthday present
5. pay bills

3. snacks i enjoy
depends on what day you ask me, but right now it's
1. string cheese
2. cinnamon pop tarts
3. cottage cheese
4. strawberries!!
5. does sweet tea with lemon count as a snack?

4. five things i'd do if i were a billionaire...
1. tithe to the church
2. buy a house and a farm
3. maybe have a 3rd and 4th child
4. buy my parents and jesse's parents a house
5. pay off school and car loans
(6. buy a new car. preferrably an FJ Cruiser for jesse)

5. my 5 bad habits....
1. laziness
2. tv watching
3. diarrhea of the mouth
4. forgetfulness
5. drinking sweet tea

6. places i've lived.
1. colorado springs, co
2. penn hills, pa
3. lookout mountain, ga
4. oakmont, pa
5. florence, ky

7. five jobs i've had...
1. chick-fil-a and american eagle in high school
2. barista at starbucks
3. optical assistant at All About Eyes of Oakmont
4. cleaning lady
5. customer service at AiG

8. who's next????
1. candace
2. lauren
3. rachael neal
4. "wabi sabi" stephanie
5. jen

Friday, April 25, 2008

we're walking!

jacob is walking... only 4 or 5 or 6 steps at a time. but every day, he gets braver and does it more and more often. any day he will be walking everywhere! candace was able to capture some steps on video. thank you candace!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

warmer weather

spring is finally here! the past week we have had temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

jacob got to feel grass for the first time, and wasn't quite sure what to do. for the first 10 minutes he sat there with is hands out to the side, but not touching the grass. i think the pokey feeling was weird for him.

once he warmed up to it, he started to pick up the mowed clumps and tried to see what it tasted like. mommy didn't let him get that far.

he also enjoyed watching the birds fly above.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


if you have a weak stomach, you might want to look away.

this is what happens when you stop drinking coffee and you forget there is leftover coffee in the coffee pot from when your mom came to visit over 3 weeks ago...

look at the color scheme. it's like a tropical jungle of mold. kind of like a piece of art. no?

11, 4, 22, and 1

i am jacob benjamin pié.
i am 11 months old.
i have 4 whole teeths.
i weigh a whoppin 22 pounds.
i have 1 baby brother/sister that i haven't met yet.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

the proudest step-daughter

my step-father, Dale, is the superintendant at Trinity Christian school in Pittsburgh, PA. yesterday morning, on his 61st birthday, he performed for the students in the student council talent show. he sang "teenager in love" by Dion and the Belmonts. i think he did a pretty good job, especially considering how out of character it was for him to do this. hope dale doesn't find out i am advertising this! and if he does find out, i hope he is not mad! :) happy birthday dale! here's the clip:


oh, and i forgot to add...my mother also made an appearance as one of the Belmonts. she stands on the left of the 3 ladies. isnt she beautiful?! :)

first word!

he couldn't have just tried to make us feel special by making his first word be "ma-ma" or "da-da", instead he chose the word "light". we are still impressed. :) not only can he say "ight" (light), but he also associates the light switch with the light being 'on', and is a pro at flipping the light switch off and on. (you can see him pointing to the light switch in the video. sorry about the bad camera work- i was holding 22 pounds of jacob in one arm and the camera in the other. i think i did pretty good considering.)

he has also quickly added "ted-ted" (teddy bear) and "ah duh" (all done) to his vocabulary. what a cutie!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008


pizza dipped in ranch dressing. oh so bad for you, but oh so good! don't dog it until you try it.

diaper trains and tats

the things we do to our child...

jacob is fascinated with his diaper box- wants to climb on it, over it, in it. so jesse put him inside and gave him a short ride around the apartment. jacob loved it.

i have been loving mcdonalds happy meals lately- seems like just enough food- and you dont feel tremendously guilty after you eat one. and the perk- toys for jacob. in my happy meal the other day i received a "pirates of the carribean" tattoo (to go with the pirates bandana from 2 weeks ago, and the pirates compass that ms. candace gave jacob last week). we didnt realize until after we applied it that the label said "not for use on sensitive skin or infants". oops. glad he didnt have a reaction!

and lastly- a picture of jackson- getting ready for baby #2

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


we've been super busy the last couple weeks.

jesse's mom and dad were with us for easter weekend. for easter dinner i cooked roast beef, mashed taters, and green beans. gammie made yummy pies and candace brought a tossed salad.

my mom and dale visited the week following easter, their spring break. (i have long forgotten what those 2 words really mean)

jesse and i started the membership class at Grace Fellowship this past sunday. it will go for six weeks. jacob will be best friends with the nursery staff by then!

jacob has been growing by leaps and bounds...still not walking by himself yet, but he does pretty good moving along the couch and from one piece of furniture to another. any day now.

jacob - easter 2008

this 1st trimester is a bit more rough than i remember with jacob. i've been stuck with the morning sickies for almost 4 weeks now- it lasted only 2 weeks with jacob. and since i am chasing jacob around, my energy level is just about at zero. i have been so appreciative of jesse who has been a huge help around the house.