Tuesday, February 26, 2008

more walking

a second walking video. i couldnt decide which one i liked better, so here's another cute one...

9 month check up

we just got back from jacob's 9 month check up. the dr thinks he looks great. healthy and huge. he weighed in at 21 pounds and measures 31 inches tall. he continues to be in the 95th percentile for his height, and Dr thinks he might grow up to be 6'3" or 6'4". his weight is in the 75th percentile. his ear infection is cleared up and he is ready to travel.

jacob and mommy are headed to colorado this thursday for a long weekend. we will be visiting grandpa scruggs and will be seeing great grandma vollbracht, who is turning 80! we're looking forward to being with grandma mclane, aunt michal and aunt brianne, and cousins ryan and lindsey....and a lot more family, too many to mention!

oh, and our computer is finally fixed!! thank you so much nathan!!!!

here are some of the latest pictures.

jacob has extra hair on either side of the crown of his head. they make great horns. :)

i got the videos posted...see below. (they are dated on the day i originally tried posting.)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

walker walking

milestone moment. jacob has started to use his infant walker, and now can zoooom almost anywhere. here you go candace!

Friday, February 22, 2008

in the shop

good news- our computer is being worked on!!! our kind friend, nathan baker, is taking care of it for us. we will have some video of jacob walking as soon as the computer is fixed.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

giggle cough

jacob has been laughing and smiling a lot lately. we discovered a way to make him laugh hysterically...by faking a cough...not sure why. but here is a short clip:

(ignore my fake coughing - it's really unattractive!)

(oh, and the dog bouncing in and out of the frame is jackson's buddy, tucker)

february full of firsts

say that 10 times fast
february has been a busy month for the pié family - mostly because of sicknesses - but also because of our fast-growing boy.

here are some of jacob's firsts that he has acheived these past few weeks:

first valentine's day

first valentine, isabel

first baseball glove, from daddy. it'll be awhile before he's big enough to use it.

first cookie biscuit- this is the 'before' picture. the 'after' picture is too disturbing :)

first latte - thank you mommy!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

jesse jr

our computer is half-way there. we have done what we can, clearing off unnecessary files, de-frag, disk clean-up, emptying the recycle bin, removing pictures, deleting cookies...whatever that means...so we are going to hand our computer off to someone who knows more what they are doing. but for now, it is letting me do some things, so here are the promised pictures... grandmas might be the only ones who care...

we think jacob is really starting to look like his daddy. (we -meaning cydney). starting to wonder if we should change his name to jesse jr. naw. jacob fits.

jacob's favorite things to do right now include taking his pants off when it is time for him to be napping, and pulling himself up on everything and anything. he is so proud of himself with his pants off. i hear this is a typical boy "thing".

jacob went shopping this weekend with mommy and candace and isabel. he picked out this super cool baseball cap because he wanted to look like his daddy. (ok, so mommy picked it out) but he really DOES love it!

and he continues to learn new guitar chords from daddy, another one of his favorite things to do.

here's a clip of jesse getting jacob to giggle. i'm telling you - he REALLY likes his hat!

Monday, February 4, 2008

alright already!

we're working on it.... still trying to figure out the problem, and slowly fixing it.

here are a few pics to hold you over...maybe until tomorrow.

2 weeks ago we had visitors: cydney's cousin, caleb, his wife, emily, and their 21 month-old, phineas. we took them to the creation museum and hung out at home. phineas, although hesitant at first, really seemed to like the "woof-woof", aka Jackson. you can see him in the 2nd picture with his arm around jackson- they were both begging Craisins from me. how cute!

we had a great time with the sawyers, just wish we had taken some more pictures, and some with caleb and emily. :)

yea NY giants!! glad you beat those dumb Patriots! a game worth watching.