Tuesday, June 21, 2011

father's day

jesse doesn't ever want any fuss on father's day, or his birthday for that matter. i guess that makes my job easy. there are no expectations to meet. no pressure. (yea right!) i still want to make the day special for him. i want him to know he is appreciated and loved very much. and i have to figure out a no-fuss way to celebrate him.
so we got him a little gift, and celebrated the day with rest. for dinner i prepared a meal that he's been asking me to make for as long as i can remember....gyros. my first time preparing lamb, and maybe only my second time ever eating it. it turned out delicious!
i was inspired by erin's recent post on her beef gyros. instead of pita bread i used this recipe for naan bread, which made it super yummy! for the lamb, i found a marinade recipe somewhere online, using herbs, lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic. at $10+ per steak, i think i will save the lamb for super special occasions. :)