Friday, December 26, 2008

december visitors: round 3

we enjoyed christmas day with Pa-pa Scruggs, who came to visit us from colorado. the day was spent lounging, eating, emailing, opening presents, and of course, listening to our toddler whine and our new born crying... oh the joys! :)

we are looking forward to the next couple days of rest, and not having to go to work. the time will fly, i am sure!
getting ready for our final round of visitors next week! :)
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas!

merry christmas from our family to your's

december visitors: round 2

here's the fam with grandma and grandpa mclane, who stopped to visit us for a few days on their way to colorado. they were gracious enough to babysit on saturday night while jesse and i got some christmas shopping done and had dessert with our good friends, the nordines.

jacob getting a christmas kiss from his friend, isabel, who just happens to be a girl. :)

and kate, just being CUTE!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

december visitors: round 1

we're geared up for a month of visitors. our first house guests were jesse's parents this past weekend. we had fun sharing our daily childcare responsibilities with gammie and pappy. lots of dirty diapers and bad naps aren't so bad when someone else is helping!

jacob is just getting over a stomach virus- which started with a day of throw up, followed by 6 days of yucky diapers- so glad to be done with that! here he is in his first bubble bath (don't know what took us so long to do a bubble bath, but he hated it) and with pappy and his new hat...

kate continues to be a social butterfly by refusing to nap. she just wants to be held all the time and is the happiest baby if she gets her way! she's had only 3 or 4 naps in the last 2 weeks that have been longer than 45 minutes. she just doesn't want to stay asleep. we've tried lots of "sleep props" but what really seemed to work for her 3 hour nap yesterday was sleeping on her belly...the only position in which she can't startle herself awake. she still sleeps great at night, and actually went 8 hours between feedings a couple nights ago....maybe again someday soon??!

she is filling out in her face and thighs, like a chubby baby, and continues to bless us with her adorable smile.

this weekend we are enjoying time with my mom and step-dad, who are visiting us briefly on their cross-country drive from pittsburgh, pa to colorado springs, co.

Friday, December 5, 2008


we are so blessed with these 2 children who continue to make us smile day after day.

so when you have a tiny baby who fits inside a stocking this is what you do...

we got jacob a curious george stuffed animal, but he didn't care for it one bit, so now kate gets to nap with him. :)

and jacob continues to learn new words and new things every day. haven't heard him sing yet, but i think he is trying to in this video. his favorite cartoon, bob the builder, has such a catchy theme song